I want to share something with you Something personal

I want to share something with you  
Something personal

About 4 years ago I started using social media  
something very special I didn't knew 
that I would be able to connect to so many amazing people 
out there I would be able to connect with you  
maybe I am kinda mad or naivee but I really   
I didn't expect anyone to watch my timeline,  
You see boo.. my whole life  
I avoided to the center of attention  

I was always the boy hanging out alone the schoolyard and a boy who get Chosen for last 40 minute sports class and really I hated to stand in front of the class having everyone stare at me and see how I mess up and I usually messed up and now  
I am standing for at front of you 
Baring my soul to you 
Baring my everything to you  

I felt super Vulnerable  with some of the videos and images I posted because  
some people are not like you  

some people judging on throwing around mean words  
and mean words Still hit me like sharp knife  
And they always will because words carry energy but I won't stop  

I will never stop to fight for Things  
I truly believe and  

And I believe in this world needs more love it's just that society creates really weird stick this topic society says Sex Is Dirty and sex needs to be hidden and we need to be ashamed of it But Negating Sexuality is like getting a self our Origins where we come from  

how is this possible how is it possible that's for many it is easier to accept a world of violence and and injustice system in a world of love and healthy relationship  

Out there its life force energy controls we do and make and a lot of who we are and because of this power  

I believe it's super important to learn more about this so we don't burn a self when playing with its fire and I know I am not only the one out there was excited to learn more about it because  
to me love has always with teacher in the face of a depression in my own relationship  
I had to face myself had to decide whether I wanted to run away or stay and work through my shit and guess what I stayed and here I am today with you and you know what it's awesome and I don't give a shit what other people call me or think of me and what matters is that you are that we should do to ourselves because at the end of our life you're probably won't remember how nicely Did we follow your heart our calling's  
this article might not be for everybody but maybe they are for you  
if it's just you on this path of self-discovery then I am the happiest person on this planet  
because you are amazing  
so hey if you want let's walk this crazy path called life together and share our tears our happiness our pain and joy and let's leave the comfort zone and World and step into the magic. 
-Thank you for being here with me- 
It means the world to me 
lets unite 



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